How might we connect college student and recent graduates with ways to reduce their student loan debt?


Hero allows students to email their friends and family directly for help in paying for their student expenses including tuition and more. The friends and family can make one-time donations (ex: graduation gifts) or set up recurring payments (ex: Aunt Sally wants to help by paying $20 a month). The transaction can take place right on the Hero website, and everyone can see the positive financial impact on the student – dollars of interest saved, months and years of payments escaped. 

Testing Results:

Based on our testing, Hero shows immense potential with our target demographic. We believe our testing has proved Hero is a product that would be used by credit union members and would help credit unions attract the often sought after millennial demographic.

Hero from Filene Research on Vimeo.


Lauren Culp
Lauren Culp
Publisher & CEO
Gabe Ulloa
Gabe Ulloa
Marketing Manager
Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital