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Filene i3 is a community of over 250 leaders and changemakers working across the North American credit union system and beyond. Join us.

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Applications are open

Applications for the next class of Filene i3 are open until November 14, 2020.


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Explore complex problems, see with new perspective, discover breakout solutions.

Filene i3 is a two-year innovation leadership program equipping top credit union professionals with the mindset, tools, and network to lead and shape the future.

Through this cohort-based program, participants work in cross-functional teams to explore and address some of credit unions’ most pressing challenges. i3 participants learn cutting-edge innovation competencies grounded in three core categories:

  • Facilitating Innovation: Engaging the diverse perspectives of members, staff, stakeholders, and subject-matter experts to co-create new solutions.
  • Accelerating Learning: Exploring and iterating new ideas to gain insight, reduce risk, and validate solutions.
  • Leading Change: Mobilizing people and resources to inspire action and make change happen.

Information Packet

Learn more about the program, background and application process.


Filene Fill-In Podcast

Hear what Filene's i3 leader, Brent Dixon, has to say about the application process and how the i3 program has adapted due to COVID - 19

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"The i3 experience leaves a person forever inspired by the possibilities for innovation and growth. That is tremendously valuable to our organization as we try to transform ourselves to be relevant now and in the future."
David Snodgrass, 2006 i3 Cohort
President & CEO of Lake Trust CU
"The program changed my life. My i³ experience was instrumental in helping prepare me to be the CEO of Resource One Credit Union."
Mary Beth Spuck, 2012 i3 Cohort
President & CEO of Resource One CU
"As an i3er, I can attest to a new way of thinking, listening, learning and co-creating. Our credit union leaders, and movement as a whole, are more adept, influential and impactful because of the Filene i3 program."
Dohnia Dorman, 2018 i3 Cohort
VP Enterprise Agility, Suncoast CU

Accepting Applications for the Next Class!

November 14, 2020

Each year we select a new cohort of promising leaders from a wide pool of applicants to join i3. The i3 selection process happens in four stages:

Candidates submit an online application before November 14th, including responses to questions, two letters of recommendation, and short video.

The applications are reviewed by a core selection team to select the first short list of promising candidates.

A series of group interviews with the core team and external experts to further narrow down the list of final candidates.

A virtual face-to-face interview with the core selection team, who then select the top candidates for participation in the i3 program.


Download the i3 information packet.

Filene i3 participants will be announced in January 2021.

"I think it’s important for everyone to want to become an i3er. To get the experience, to go through the process, to build your network. We met all of these people 6 months ago and now I could call them every day with any question that I have. They’re truly close friends."
Aubrey Ward, CUNA


i³ (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) claims more than 150 concepts since the program's inception in 2004. These product, service, and business model innovations help credit unions build operational efficiency, generate loans, mobilize savings, reach communities, and strengthen membership. Browse through them below.