The Cooperative Trust

The largest young adult credit union network in the world.


We host a passionate online community, lead the acclaimed Crash program, connect mentors and mentees through our mentorship program, and work with credit unions to strengthen their young adult strategy and engagement.  

The Cooperative Trust invites the next generation of leaders to experience industry events and partake in professional development opportunities, ensuring credit unions are engaging their staff to win the war for talent.

With collaboration at the heart of the credit union system, the Trust gives young credit union professionals the opportunity to connect with likeminded peers across the industry and globe.

Young people are our future - without them, no credit union can survive long term. That's why we're here: to make sure young professionals in the credit union space have all the tools and resources they need to succeed — ensuring the success of the industry at the same time.

Crash the GAC 2019 had the largest number of crashers yet - 100!
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Crash the GAC

The Cooperative Trust, CUNA and state leagues/associations are joining forces to get at least one Crasher per state and D.C. represented at this year’s GAC.

Apply to Crash the 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference February 23 - 27.

Applications are due DECEMBER 6, 2019.


Our Mantra

We live by these words penned by Ed Filene, a founding father of the American credit union movement:

“Youth is too serious to become obedient.”

2017 Herb Wegner Memorial Award Winner

This prestigious award recognizes credit union leaders whose achievements fulfill the mission of promoting financial freedom for millions of people around the world.

The Cooperative Trust

Join the next generation of leaders who share a passion for the future of credit unions and connect to 1,600 credit union young professionals today!