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November 2018

Pot Banking Takes Off in U.S. as Women Forge Path Around Ban - Bloomberg

CUProdigy, PenFed, Redwood CU Hire & Honor Professionals - Credit Union Times

Can Contests Help Fill Americans’ Savings Gap? - The Pew Charitable Trusts

Falling Down an AI Wormhole - Credit Union Times

October 2018

Brittany Jordan and Mark Volz from Corporate Central join 14 other credit union innovators for the WILD initiative - CUInsight

Credit Union Leadership Inspiring Girls to Be Leaders - FLEX

Filene’s Ryan Foss Outlines Latest Trends on ‘Generational Money Chatter’… - CUbroadcast

More Than a Number: Credit Unions Find Ways to Lend to Immigrants - Credit Union Times

Wescom CU, Truliant FCU, Filene Appoint New Talent - Credit Union Times

Righting Course: The Credit Union Fix for AI’s Unintended Consequences - Credit Union Times

What ROI does your community get from YOU? - CUInsight

September 2018

Seeking the Magic - CUNA News

Take Care of Your Members’ Financial Chores - Credit Union Times

August 2018

Big Percentage Of This Portfolio Going Away? - CU Today

What’s Hidden in Your Data? Exploring Better Attraction & Retention Strategies - Credit Union Times

Filene's Adam Lee Reveals Results from 'Reaching Minority Households Incubator' Report... - CUbroadcast

Filene Plans National Launch of Immigrant Lending Program - Credit Union Times

Filene study examines loan needs of underbanked and minority households - Credit Union Journal

Make a Big, Not Biggity, Revenue Growth Difference - Credit Union Times

July 2018

Get your digital house in order: 5 stages of website redesign - CUInsight

A 5-step approach to innovation - CUNA News

A Different Kind of Consolidation - Credit Union Times

Credit Union Bank Purchases Gain Steam - Credit Union Times

Credit Union Acquisitions of Banks & Thrift Institutions - Credit Union Times

Corporate Central Credit Union, Wisconsin CU League get 'WILD' - Credit Union Journal

Filene's Cortney Angeley Shares Key Takeaways for a Frictionless Member Journey - CUbroadcast

June 2018

Think ahead and innovate - CUNA News

Filene's Erin Coleman Gives Us a Glimpse of Credit Unions in 2025... - CUbroadcast

Step Aside, Fintech; Here Comes Regtech - Credit Union Times

Impactful Innovation – for Less Than $1 - Credit Union Times

How today’s trends will dictate tomorrow’s credit union movement - Credit Union Journal

May 2018

Have we reached peak social? This is good for credit unions - CUInsight

CU Governance: Keeping Up in an Ever-Evolving Industry - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions Still Lacking Diverse, Young Board Talent - Credit Union Times

NCUA Dividend: A Case for Critical Thinking - Credit Union Times

April 2018

Benefits of Smaller Social Media Audiences & Larger Marketing Budgets - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Joel Hartzler Shares How Filene Supports Members Beyond Research… - CUbroadcast

VISA’s Doug Leighton Addresses Today’s ‘War for Talent’ for Credit Unions… - CUbroadcast

Credit Unions Follow Members as Life Happens - Credit Union Times

March 2018

Facebook, friend or foe: A guide for deciding what to do - CUInsight

Burdens and Pain Points: Regtech to the Rescue! - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions, the Kentucky League, Filene Appoint Executives - Credit Union Times

Digitally-Driven Custom Content Drives Results - Credit Union Times

Slideshow: Meet the women who are moving the credit union movement forward - Credit Union Journal

Keeping It Local: Growing Business Streams in Your Community - Credit Union Times

VISA Doug Leighton and Rob Meloche Discuss War for Talent and Filene Incubator Projects… - CUbroadcast

February 2018

Hike the Hill lights up social media - CUNA News

Filene’s George Hofheimer Outlines 2018 Research Projects for CUs… - CUbroadcast

GAC crashers look forward to record-breaking conference - CUNA News

Outstanding Service to the Underserved: Chartier's Income Gap Focus - Credit Union Times

Visa, Filene partner for two new credit union talent studies - Credit Union Journal

Filene Research Institute piloting a different kind of credit union lending - Credit Union Journal

Don't Let the Dry Rot Set In - Credit Union Times

Seize the financial services future - CUNA News

Credit Unions' Last Best Chance at the M-Word - Credit Union Times

January 2018

Autonomy & the auto loan - CUNA News

Record Number of Crashers Headed to GAC - Credit Union Times 

When one (government) door shuts, another opens - CUInsight

2018: Moving Forward With Wisdom - Credit Union Times 

78 CUNA GAC Crashers announced - CUNA News

‘A vein of optimism’ - CUNA News

October - December 2017

PODCAST: Want to innovate? Appreciate failure - CUNA News

Commit to awesomeness - CUNA News

The future of debt - CUNA News

What’s Keeping Filene CEO Mark Meyer Awake at Night… - CUbroadcast

Billings FCU’s Tom Boos on How i3 Created Positive Change for His Credit Union… - CUbroadcast

Filene's George Hofheimer and Tansley Stearns Share 'Aha' Moments from big.bright.minds... - CUbroadcast

Canada’s B-Word Ban & Competing With Amazon: Day 2 at big. bright. minds. - Credit Union Times

Driverless Cars & Millennial Fatigue: Day 1 at big. bright. minds. - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Sekou Bermiss Discusses How CUs Can Attract and Retain Top Talent… - CUbroadcast

Filene’s Hope Schau Discusses the Credit Union Connection with Autonomous Cars… - CUbroadcast

Coastal FCU’s Chuck Purvis Discusses Filene Strategic Partnership Benefits… - CUbroadcast

PSCU’s Chuck Fagan on How Partnership with Filene Brings Value to CUs… - CUbroadcast

Affinity Plus FCU’s Ben Herring Shares i3 Experience… - CUbroadcast

i3'rs Melissa Vigil and Amy Fuller Share Their Program Experiences… - CUbroadcast

PODCAST: The future of financial services with Mark Meyer - CUNA News

Caring for Community at the Intersection of Mission and Margin - Credit Union Times

Bleach the Pink Ring: 5 Steps Toward Stronger Member Engagement in 2018 - Credit Union Times

47 CU professionals become Certified CU Development Educators (CUDEs) - CUInsight

Digitize your lending process: 5 rules - CUNA News

Laws of Attracting Young Talent - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Ryan Foss Shares the Virtues of the Firm’s Renowned i3 Program… - CUbroadcast

Finding a Home in the Credit Union World - Credit Union Times

Filene Starts National Rollout of Small-Loan Program - Credit Union Times

New Workplace Perk: Loans for Low-Income Employees - Wall Street Journal

Filene’s Mark Meyer Shares Latest Generational Research for Credit Unions… - CUbroadcast

Gender & the Credit Union Workplace - CUNA News

Filene welcomes 16 credit union leaders to the i3 family - CUInsight

The Path to a Bright Future for Women and Credit Unions - Credit Union Times

Emerging Markets Have Always Been Here - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions, Filene Reveal Hires & Promotions - Credit Union Times

July - September 2017

The Amazon effect: Can credit unions survive their big threat? - CUInsight

Credit Unions, Filene Recognize Employee Moves - Credit Union Times

3 Main Strategies for CU Social Media Success with Filene’s Holly Fearing… - CUbroadcast

Winter Is Here: Are You Preparing for Spring? - Credit Union Times

Is Your Credit Union Recruiting Like a Banker Would? - Credit Union Times

Wine not: Win with the experience - CUInsight

Filene’s top planning tips - Credit Union Journal

Auto Lending Options That Meet Your Community's Needs - Credit Union Times

Lauren Culp succeeds James Marshall as head of the Cooperative Trust - CUInsight

Filene's Adam Lee Reviews Their Financial Empowerment Incubator Projects for CUs... - CUbroadcast