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September 2020

Filene Launches Center of Excellence to Advance Data Analytics Within Credit Union System - Markets Insider

Filene launches Center of Excellence to Advance Data Analytics within credit union system - CUInsight

CO-OP Forum Coverage: What Filene Has Learned About Taking Advantage of Current ‘Structural Break’ - CUToday

CO-OP, Filene Study Suggests ‘Vast Opportunity’ For CUs in Market - CUToday

New Paper from Filene - CUToday

Filene programs support credit union leadership development at all levels - CUInsight

August 2020

Discovery 2020: Filene's Erin Coleman Discusses Importance of The Needs Adaptive Member Journey - CUbroadcast

5 ways to keep it personal in a digital-mostly world - CUInsight

Filene to Launch Center of Excellence for Community Social Impact With Focus on ‘Transformative Change’ - CUToday

Avoiding Friction In Your Credit Union's Operations - CUManagement

#2228: Finhabits Provides Savings Trends During COVID-19 -- the Pandemic Effect - CUboardcast

20 Crashers Participating In Commitment to Change Series - CUToday

AACUC has its Crashers! - CUInsight

July 2020

Filene to Conduct Applied Research to Advance Practice of Data Analytics, Future of Financial Services - CUToday

Desert Financial Credit Union supports Filene Research Institute’s Center of Excellence for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - CUInsights

Will Pandemic Lead To Bank Transfer Day II? - CUToday

The Other Pandemic Risk: Not Thinking About 'What's Next' - CUToday

Transforming Credit Union Operations for an Uncertain Future - CO-OP Financial Services

June 2020

Filene Relaunches Center for Excellence for Emerging Technology for 3 More Years - CUToday

CUNA Forms COVID-19 Task Force, Aims to Become Resource for Credit Unions - CreditUnionTimes

Emerging technology continues as essential focus area in Filene’s research agenda - CUInsights

Filene Event Coverage: Reducing Friction—When Your Job Prevents You From Doing Your Job - CUToday

The Leadership Lessons from Mann Gulch - CUToday

May 2020

Filene announces Think Tank to guide research and incubation resources for credit unions - CUInsight

#2135: What Credit Union Business Processes and Procedures Will Stick in a Post-COVID World - CUbroadcast

#2126: Filene's Taylor Nelms Compares COVID Crisis to Last Century's Great Depression and Spanish Flu - CUbroadcast

Point West CU Reaches Out to Help Hispanics in Pandemic - CreditUnionTimes

#2118: Filene's Taylor Nelms Reports Economic Fallout from Coronavirus Pandemic So Far - CUbroadcast

Industry-first virtual research event features Harvard Business School professor - CUInsight

April 2020

Credit Unions Start Funding Payroll Protection Loans - CreditUnionTimes

Filene's George Hofheimer Explains How to 'Maximize Support to Address Members' Needs Now' - CUbroadcast

CUNA Finds Credit Union Strength Follows Earnings - CreditUnionTimes

 Filene Offering COVID-19 Resources, Including ‘6 Things to Do to Get on Path to Financial Well-Being’ - CUToday

March 2020

Credit Union Organizations Shifting to Virtual Conferences - CreditUnionTimes

Catching up with the Northwest GAC Crashers - Anthem

February 2020

GAC: 2020 conference recap - Credit Union Magazine

Filene Launches Center of Excellence to Explore Consumers' Changing Financial Lives - Yahoo Finance

Filene Launches Center of Excellence to Explore Consumers' Changing Financial Lives - MarketWatch

GAC Coverage: Filene Officially Launches Center of Excellence for Consumer Financial Lives in Transition -

The Future of Credit Unions Depends on the Next Generation of Leaders - CreditUnionTimes

State National Companies Partners With Filene Research - Erie News Now

A New Paradox: Win the War for Talent by Losing - CreditUnionTimes

DCECU young professional selected to ‘crash’ 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference - CUInsight

January 2020


Young professionals once again crash 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference - CUInsight

Wegner Interviews: Filene's Cortney Angeley Discusses What Awards Mean to Her - CUbroadcast

Recession-Proof Your CU - CreditUnionTimes

Filene launches new center of excellence and welcomes new research fellow - CUInsight

Filene Launches New Center of Excellence and Welcomes New Research Fellow - Morningstar

Filene Launches New Center of Excellence and Welcomes New Research Fellow - Arizona Republic

December 2019

Still 'crashing,' Cooperative Trust shifts gears for 2020 - Credit Union Journal 

#1186: Filene's Taylor Nelms Shares Credit Union Strategies for a 21st Century World - CUbroadcast 

BBM19 Interviews: TDECU's Jerry Eichhorst Shares What Prompted Him to Enroll in Filene's i3 Program - CUbroadcast

BBM19 Interviews: Vancity's Aoife Dowling Shares Experience Participating in Filene's i3 Program- CUbroadcast

Breaking Into a New Mindset of Innovation in the New Decade - CreditUnionTimes

Technology & Anxiety: When Automation Isn’t a Good Thing - CreditUnionTimes


BBM19 Interviews: Filene's Coleman and Angeley Discuss Takeaways from 'Black Wall Street' Visit - CUbroadcast

BBM19 Interviews: SESLOC's Holly Martindale and Infinity's Ryan Wing Discuss Their i3 Journeys - CUbroadcast

November 2019

BBM19 Interviews: The Cooperative Trust's Angeley and Showalter Share Big Plans for Crashers in 2020 - CUbroadcast

What Is Old – and New – About Credit Union Mergers? - CreditUnionTimes

What Does the Future Hold for Credit Union Mergers? - CreditUnionTimes

Time is running out to apply to ‘Crash the GAC’ - League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates

BBM19 Interviews: Filene's big.bright.minds Kicks Off in Durham, NC - CUbroadcast

Gather Around a Strong Strategy for Workplace Well-being - CreditUnionTimes


Maurice R. Smith receiving 2020 Herb Wegner Memorial Award - CUInsight

YPs can grow and learn through ‘Crash the GAC’ - League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates 

October 2019

The Complex Relationship Between Fintech Apps & Financial Behaviors - CreditUnionTimes

MAXX19 Interviews: TransUnion's Blake Woods Discusses Importance of Being a Mentor to Young Professionals - CUbroadcast

Build diversity, equity, and inclusion into your workplace environment through universal design - CUInsight

Getting Started Can Be 'Daunting' Process - CUToday

Waiting for Genuine Connection - CreditUnionTimes

Talent Wars: What’s the Secret to Finding and Keeping Your People - CreditUnionTimes

Filene’s young professional community, The Cooperative Trust, focuses on power of network - CUInsight

September 2019

Discovery Interviews: Filene's Katie Gaynor Discusses Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program - CUbroadcast

Filene announces the new 2019 Filene i3 class - CUInsight

The Innovation May Be Boring, but the Benefit Is Needed - CreditUnionTimes

Filene: Facebook Libra a Threat - CreditUnionTimes

August 2019

 Based On Feedback From Hundreds Of Credit Unions And Their Partner Organizations, Filene Research Institute Is Launching Six New Centers Of Excellence Over The Next Six To 18 Months - Public Now

Filene identifies six key areas for credit union research - Credit Union Journal

Filene's Newest Centers Of Excellence Address The Evolving Needs Of Consumers And Credit Unions - The Street


The Cooperative Trust on the hunt for next leader - Credit Union Journal

WCUC19 Interviews: Filene's Adam Lee Shares Benefits of Accelerating Financial Inclusion Workshops - CUbroadcast

Filene pledges to transform US credit unions through cutting edge research - Coop News

Financial Anxiety Lives Inside Credit Unions - CreditUnionTimes

The CUInsight Experience podcast: George Hofheimer – Pressure is a privilege (#33) - CUInsight 

Cheers to Another Year of Serving Communities and Beer - CreditUnionTimes

How Consumers' Car-Buying Habits Are Changing - CUToday 

CUInsight appoints Lauren Culp Publisher/CEO - CUInsight 

World CU Conference: A ‘Red Warning Light’ You Should Be Watching - CUToday

July 2019

WOCCU and Visa: Collaborating on payments innovation for Kenya - CUInsight 

Can Financial Wellness Efforts Solve Millennial Money Stress? - The Financial Brand

Dupaco Provides Update on Contestants in Great Credit Race - CUToday 

$3 Million in Prizes, $250 Million in Savings: Save to Win Turns 10 - CUToday 

CMFG Ventures, Filene Launch FinTech Catalyst Incubator - CUToday 

Credit Unions Seek to Measure Wider Impact - CreditUnionTimes 

Why Less is More - CreditUnionTimes 

Rainbows, Flagpoles & Sunflowers: In Case You Missed It - CUToday 

June 2019 

The Climate for Sustainability Is Warming - CreditUnionTimes 

Preparing Credit Union Members for Natural Disasters - CreditUnionTimes 

Program Evolving To Help More Young Adults - CUToday 

The 21st-century credit union: Meet members where they are - CUInsight 

Not All Millennials Leave Because of Their Bosses - CreditUnionTimes 

Report On Ethical, Legal Concerns In Using AI Released by Filene - CUToday 

Serving the underbanked and millennials – Can credit unions be the disruptors? - CUInsight 

May 2019

An Incubator Incubates New Guidance - CUToday 

Kindness Is Contagious: Hiring With Intention - CreditUnionTimes 

Road to Aiding Abuse Survivors Rocky - CreditUnionTimes 

Enhance Your Next Vendor Partnership by Failing Catastrophically First - CreditUnionTimes

Filene Partnering With Korn Ferry To Assist Alumni Of i3 Program - CUToday

The Death of the 9-to-5: As Work Changes, So Should Your Credit Union - CreditUnionTimes

Filene's Erin Coleman Shares 'Small Dollar Loans and the Mind Money Connection' - CUbroadcast

Filene, CU Direct to Partner to Grow i3, Open a ‘Talent Workshop’ - CUToday 

What Filene is Forecasting for 2034 - CUToday 

There’s a 90% Chance You’re About to Get a Song Stuck in Your Head - CreditUnionTimes 

April 2019

A Checklist for Saving … Our Lives - CreditUnionTimes 

Recovery Is Little, Late for African American Homeownership - CreditUnionTimes 

ITIN Lending & Compliance: Cutting Through the Fog - CreditUnionTimes 

Credit Unions CAN Win the War for Talent - CreditUnionTimes

January 2019

Close Connection - Enterprise

December 2018

Debt Reduction, Social Innovation & Techfin: Day 2 at big.bright.minds. - Credit Union Times

The Power of Pizza, Innovation & Service in a Time of Crisis - Credit Union Times

Friction, Archetypes & Talent Wars: Day 1 at big.bright.minds. - Credit Union Times

Compliance is the key to successful ITIN lending - CUInsight

November 2018

Growth Ideas Fresh From Filene - Credit Union Times

How to successfully implement data-driven marketing at your credit union - CUInsight

Pot Banking Takes Off in U.S. as Women Forge Path Around Ban - Bloomberg

CUProdigy, PenFed, Redwood CU Hire & Honor Professionals - Credit Union Times

Can Contests Help Fill Americans’ Savings Gap? - The Pew Charitable Trusts

Falling Down an AI Wormhole - Credit Union Times

October 2018

How Do You Prepare for Disruption? - Credit Union Times

Brittany Jordan and Mark Volz from Corporate Central join 14 other credit union innovators for the WILD initiative - CUInsight

Announcing the 2018 Filene i3 class - CUInsight

Credit Union Leadership Inspiring Girls to Be Leaders - FLEX

Filene’s Ryan Foss Outlines Latest Trends on ‘Generational Money Chatter’… - CUbroadcast

More Than a Number: Credit Unions Find Ways to Lend to Immigrants - Credit Union Times

Wescom CU, Truliant FCU, Filene Appoint New Talent - Credit Union Times

Righting Course: The Credit Union Fix for AI’s Unintended Consequences - Credit Union Times

What ROI does your community get from YOU? - CUInsight 

September 2018

Distracting Trade Wars: How To Really Help American Workers - Forbes

Seeking the Magic - CUNA News

Take Care of Your Members’ Financial Chores - Credit Union Times

Filene announces Taylor C. Nelms as managing director of research - CUInsight

August 2018

Big Percentage Of This Portfolio Going Away? - CU Today

What’s Hidden in Your Data? Exploring Better Attraction & Retention Strategies - Credit Union Times

Filene's Adam Lee Reveals Results from 'Reaching Minority Households Incubator' Report... - CUbroadcast

Filene report asks how US credit unions can reach minority households - Co-op News

Filene Plans National Launch of Immigrant Lending Program - Credit Union Times

Filene study examines loan needs of underbanked and minority households - Credit Union Journal

Make a Big, Not Biggity, Revenue Growth Difference - Credit Union Times

July 2018

Get your digital house in order: 5 stages of website redesign - CUInsight

A 5-step approach to innovation - CUNA News

A Different Kind of Consolidation - Credit Union Times

Credit Union Bank Purchases Gain Steam - Credit Union Times

Credit Union Acquisitions of Banks & Thrift Institutions - Credit Union Times

Corporate Central Credit Union, Wisconsin CU League get 'WILD' - Credit Union Journal

Filene's Cortney Angeley Shares Key Takeaways for a Frictionless Member Journey - CUbroadcast

June 2018

Think ahead and innovate - CUNA News

Filene's Erin Coleman Gives Us a Glimpse of Credit Unions in 2025... - CUbroadcast

Step Aside, Fintech; Here Comes Regtech - Credit Union Times

Impactful Innovation – for Less Than $1 - Credit Union Times

How today’s trends will dictate tomorrow’s credit union movement - Credit Union Journal

May 2018

Member Driven Technologies Hosts Fifth Annual Client Conference - Business Wire

Have we reached peak social? This is good for credit unions - CUInsight

CU Governance: Keeping Up in an Ever-Evolving Industry - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions Still Lacking Diverse, Young Board Talent - Credit Union Times

NCUA Dividend: A Case for Critical Thinking - Credit Union Times

April 2018

Benefits of Smaller Social Media Audiences & Larger Marketing Budgets - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Joel Hartzler Shares How Filene Supports Members Beyond Research… - CUbroadcast

VISA’s Doug Leighton Addresses Today’s ‘War for Talent’ for Credit Unions… - CUbroadcast

Credit Unions Follow Members as Life Happens - Credit Union Times

March 2018

Facebook, friend or foe: A guide for deciding what to do - CUInsight

Your Local Credit Union Has a Secret Weapon Against Financial Advisors - Financial Advisor IQ

Burdens and Pain Points: Regtech to the Rescue! - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions, the Kentucky League, Filene Appoint Executives - Credit Union Times

Visa Explores How CUs Can Engage And Retain Millennial Talent - PYMNTS 

Auto loans, subprime borrowers, and your credit union - CUInsight

Digitally-Driven Custom Content Drives Results - Credit Union Times

Slideshow: Meet the women who are moving the credit union movement forward - Credit Union Journal

Keeping It Local: Growing Business Streams in Your Community - Credit Union Times

VISA Doug Leighton and Rob Meloche Discuss War for Talent and Filene Incubator Projects… - CUbroadcast

February 2018

Hike the Hill lights up social media - CUNA News

Filene’s George Hofheimer Outlines 2018 Research Projects for CUs… - CUbroadcast

GAC crashers look forward to record-breaking conference - CUNA News

Outstanding Service to the Underserved: Chartier's Income Gap Focus - Credit Union Times

Visa, Filene partner for two new credit union talent studies - Credit Union Journal

Filene piloting a different kind of credit union lending - Credit Union Journal

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union supports Emerging Tech Center of Excellence - CUInsight

Don't Let the Dry Rot Set In - Credit Union Times

The emerging US market for inclusive fintech - ImpactAlpha

Seize the financial services future - CUNA News

Credit Unions' Last Best Chance at the M-Word - Credit Union Times

January 2018

Autonomy & the auto loan - CUNA News

Record Number of Crashers Headed to GAC - Credit Union Times 

When one (government) door shuts, another opens - CUInsight

2018: Moving Forward With Wisdom - Credit Union Times 

78 CUNA GAC Crashers announced - CUNA News

‘A vein of optimism’ - CUNA News

October - December 2017

PODCAST: Want to innovate? Appreciate failure - CUNA News

Commit to awesomeness - CUNA News

The future of debt - CUNA News

What’s Keeping Filene CEO Mark Meyer Awake at Night… - CUbroadcast

Billings FCU’s Tom Boos on How i3 Created Positive Change for His Credit Union… - CUbroadcast

Filene's George Hofheimer and Tansley Stearns Share 'Aha' Moments from big.bright.minds... - CUbroadcast

The millennial challenge for credit unions - CUInsight

Canada’s B-Word Ban & Competing With Amazon: Day 2 at big. bright. minds. - Credit Union Times

Driverless Cars & Millennial Fatigue: Day 1 at big. bright. minds. - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Sekou Bermiss Discusses How CUs Can Attract and Retain Top Talent… - CUbroadcast

Filene’s Hope Schau Discusses the Credit Union Connection with Autonomous Cars… - CUbroadcast

Coastal FCU’s Chuck Purvis Discusses Filene Strategic Partnership Benefits… - CUbroadcast

PSCU’s Chuck Fagan on How Partnership with Filene Brings Value to CUs… - CUbroadcast

Affinity Plus FCU’s Ben Herring Shares i3 Experience… - CUbroadcast

i3'rs Melissa Vigil and Amy Fuller Share Their Program Experiences… - CUbroadcast

PODCAST: The future of financial services with Mark Meyer - CUNA News

Caring for Community at the Intersection of Mission and Margin - Credit Union Times

Credit unions need to embrace analytics to improve their member’s experience - CUInsight

Bleach the Pink Ring: 5 Steps Toward Stronger Member Engagement in 2018 - Credit Union Times

47 CU professionals become Certified CU Development Educators (CUDEs) - CUInsight

Digitize your lending process: 5 rules - CUNA News

Laws of Attracting Young Talent - Credit Union Times

Filene’s Ryan Foss Shares the Virtues of the Firm’s Renowned i3 Program… - CUbroadcast

Finding a Home in the Credit Union World - Credit Union Times

Filene Starts National Rollout of Small-Loan Program - Credit Union Times

New Workplace Perk: Loans for Low-Income Employees - Wall Street Journal

Filene’s Mark Meyer Shares Latest Generational Research for Credit Unions… - CUbroadcast

Gender & the Credit Union Workplace - CUNA News

Filene welcomes 16 credit union leaders to the i3 family - CUInsight

The Path to a Bright Future for Women and Credit Unions - Credit Union Times

Can student debt repayment help CUs retain millennial hires? - Credit Union Journal

Emerging Markets Have Always Been Here - Credit Union Times

Credit Unions, Filene Reveal Hires & Promotions - Credit Union Times

July - September 2017

The Amazon effect: Can credit unions survive their big threat? - CUInsight

Credit Unions, Filene Recognize Employee Moves - Credit Union Times

3 Main Strategies for CU Social Media Success with Filene’s Holly Fearing… - CUbroadcast

Winter Is Here: Are You Preparing for Spring? - Credit Union Times

Is Your Credit Union Recruiting Like a Banker Would? - Credit Union Times

Wine not: Win with the experience - CUInsight

Filene’s top planning tips - Credit Union Journal

Auto Lending Options That Meet Your Community's Needs - Credit Union Times

Lauren Culp succeeds James Marshall as head of the Cooperative Trust - CUInsight

Filene's Adam Lee Reviews Their Financial Empowerment Incubator Projects for CUs... - CUbroadcast