Sarah Bewitz

Membership Manager
Sarah Bewitz


Sarah Bewitz joins Filene to support our work in engaging the credit union industry to think forward and change lives as our Membership Manager.

Prior to joining Filene, Sarah’s career has been focused in working for organizations that prioritize helping people. Whether this was supporting disconnected youth at a wilderness therapy organization or bringing together a community to increase awareness for conservation and environmental work.

Sarah continues this passion for helping others in her work at Filene. She is most excited about how her role as the Membership Manager can help facilitate bringing Filene members and the credit union industry together.

Although her cat, Navi, is not quite as adventurous as she is, it doesn’t stop Sarah from doing all her favorite outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, paddling, training for a half-marathon and beekeeping. Yes, you read that right. In addition to working on getting her Master’s degree in strategic public relations, Sarah is also a bonafide beekeeper.