Elry Armaza

Custom Research Director
Elry Armaza


Elry Armaza is passionate about finding proactive solutions in a financial industry riddled with disruption. As Impact Director & Analyst, he brings the best of Filene’s research and innovation into action. Elry has a gift for listening attentively to others’ needs and leveraging what he learns to help people see things in a whole new way.  

With more than 12 years of management experience in the financial services industry, Elry has led frontline teams in a host of settings including a regional bank, a large credit union and a check cashing operation. During his time at UW Credit Union, he spearheaded the implementation of a strategic lending initiative geared towards attaining sustainable, above trend results where he completed training development, the creation and application of new tools, and one-on-one coaching to the 80+ lenders in its retail division. 

Elry earned his Industrial Engineering degree at Universidad Catolica Bolivana, and an MBA in Project Management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. When not helping implement change at credit unions, Elry can be found learning something new, enjoying a run, playing with his energetic children Elias and Andy, relishing a conversation with his best friend and wife Libby, or trying out new food.