Blake Woods

Advisor, Credit Unions
Blake Woods

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Blake Woods grew up on the lakes of the aptly named Waterford, MI. The self-proclaimed "born again nerd" studied advertising and public relations at Michigan State University, graduating in 2009. An internship during his final year was the entry point into the Credit Union industry, and Woods has worn many hats during his 5+ years in the business including new media, public relations and e-commerce management. In 2012, Woods was selected to lead the Lake Trust Value Lab, a cross-functional product innovation team. In 2014, he was assigned to the newly formed Strategic Innovation department. Other projects include upgrading the Credit Union website, email, and video communication platforms. Outside the office, Woods is an avid hockey player and snowboarder. He enjoys music, technology, and exploring Northern Michigan and Canada. Woods additionally blogs about hockey and budget travel. You can follow him on twitter @blakebwoods