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Research Recommendations

At Filene we encourage members to participate in the research process by submitting their own ideas for reports on topics of interest to them.

What is the future of payments?

I’m so confused about where this whole payments business is going. Payments comprise such a high proportion of credit unions’ non-interest income and it seems like technology is moving in a direction which will make the current payments system irrelevant. I am curious to know if Filene could conduct a...

National Branding Campaign

What would be the benefits of a national branding campaign for U.S. credit unions? Are there examples of national branding campaigns from non-U.S. credit union systems and other outside industry groups which could inform us as to the efficacy of such a project for U.S. credit unions?

Strategic Aptitude of Credit Union Executives

What is the strategic aptitude of senior executives at credit unions in North America? Especially, how well they are appropriately calibrated in the areas of “Anticipate, Challenge, Interpret, Decide, Align, and Learn” as it relates to strategy formulation and execution.