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The Opportunity: Not all college educations are created equal and some combinations of career and school choices produce better value than others.

The Solution: mintuition (formerly Learn & Earn) provides prospective students with the information they need regarding career and school options, while helping them gain the knowledge to make informed, smart decisions about their future.

Getting Started: Contact us to learn more about this idea from Filene i3.

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Tagged: 'consumer behavior' 'budgeting tools'

Project Updates

April 2, 2013

During the Spring and Fall of 2013, Joline Epple and Matt Davis put their heads together in Filene's Innovation Lab to breathe life into Learn & Earn. During that time Learn & Earn evolved into mintuition. 

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Got it! Thanks a lot again for heplnig me out!

What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the isseus so clearly

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