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Everything we do starts with research. At Filene Research Institute, we’re driven to learn what makes credit unions tick. And what could make them tick even better. We spend our days—and sometimes our nights—connecting with leaders from credit unions, academia, public policy, business, and technology to deliver the world’s best thinking and tools to stay competitive for credit unions and cooperative finance.

Latest Publications

The Gen Y Imperative: Six Lessons for Australian Mutuals

As the baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) have moved through each decade of their lives, they’ve shaped the economic, political, and social landscape. As the boomers’ Gen Y children (born somewhere between 1980 and the mid-1990s) continue their own world-shaping journey, marketers are well aware that they “ain’t seen nothing yet” in...

Developing and Executing a Clear Value Proposition: Six Credit Union Case Studies

Establishing a unique value proposition for your credit union is only half the battle. Delivering on this value proposition will require a well-defined execution strategy year in and year out.  As part of a joint research series, the Filene Research Institute and Credit Union Central of Canada decided to identify examples of credit unions with clear value propositions. We set...

Women in Leadership Colloquium

Women have always played an important role in financial services, and they are taking on more and more leadership roles every year. However, gender inequality in the American workplace still exists and poses a significant challenge for women who are looking to ascend professionally. So much more can be done for women to feel...

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Top Publications

The Impact of Two-Tiered Banking: How Credit Unions Can Bridge The Divide

For many consumers, payday lending is a dangerous cycle of indebtedness.  Yet, payday-lending services are in high demand. As a result, policymakers and the public watch the steady rise of payday lending with concern. This study traces the emergence and expansion of payday lending outlets in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba...

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