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Everything we do starts with research. At Filene Research Institute, we’re driven to learn what makes credit unions tick. And what could make them tick even better. We spend our days—and sometimes our nights—connecting with leaders from credit unions, academia, public policy, business, and technology to deliver the world’s best thinking and tools to stay competitive for credit unions and cooperative finance.

Latest Publications

Optimizing Delivery Channels Tool

At Filene’s Optimizing Channels for Superior Member Service Workshop this past spring, Filene Research Fellow and Harvard Business School Professor Dennis Campbell focused on the importance of service excellence across physical, online, and mobile channels. Being able to deliver quality service is the key to driving exceptional member satisfaction over...

A Road Map for Worldwide Financial Services Innovation

Is it possible for innovation in the financial services sector to create positive results for the "little guy?" Or is financial services innovation, by its very nature, just about creating profits? Cooperative financial institutions are mandated to put people before profits, so they must apply the filter of increased member...

Retail’s Digital Renaissance: Cross-Industry Insights

The digital revolution has upended the retail industry. Due to the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, consumers have gradually modified thier consumption habits. Online and mobile shopping are changing the role of the physical store to accommodate consumers demanding a seamless experience whether they’re shopping in a store...

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Top Publications

The Impact of Two-Tiered Banking: How Credit Unions Can Bridge The Divide

For many consumers, payday lending is a dangerous cycle of indebtedness.  Yet, payday-lending services are in high demand. As a result, policymakers and the public watch the steady rise of payday lending with concern. This study traces the emergence and expansion of payday lending outlets in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba...

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