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Everything we do starts with research. At Filene Research Institute, we’re driven to learn what makes credit unions tick. And what could make them tick even better. We spend our days—and sometimes our nights—connecting with leaders from credit unions, academia, public policy, business, and technology to deliver the world’s best thinking and tools to stay competitive for credit unions and cooperative finance.

Latest Publications

Leeflet: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Marketing Through Electronic Brochures

Marketing has always been a challenge for small to mid-size credit unions. Cost of compliance and other noninterest expenses consume resources that could be dedicated todeveloping in house IT solutions. The average credit union can spend $50,000/year on paper brochures. Originally a Filene i3 idea and tested at Smart Financial, Financial Center FCU,...

Banking on Healthcare: The Credit Union Business Opportunity

As credit unions struggle to increase interest and noninterest income, they look wistfully at industries like healthcare, where revenue growth continues apace. America spends about 17% of GDP on healthcare, a percentage that has grown from about 14% in 2000 and 7% in 1970. The industry-wide move to electronic health records (EHRs) means that credit unions...

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Top Publications

An Examination of Key Performance Indicators Reported by Credit Unions in North America

Professor Daphne Rixon surveys the key performance indicator (KPI) practices of two dozen medium to large credit unions, and she uses that analysis of KPIs to imagine what credit unions should be measuring. Most credit union managers are so devoted to their established and well-considered KPIs that they don’t stop to imagine what metrics are...

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