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What I learned in Filene i3

What biggest nugget did you take from i3? IMAGE (L to R): Sharon Gaugler, Betsy Sommers, Joni Walker, Chris Chippendale, Adam Marlow         "The biggest nugget for me was realizing that innovation does not have to be paradigm-shifting in order to make huge impact." Joni S. Walker,...

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Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies

Problem: Online is the primary research and shopping channel for a majority of consumers. Fifty percent of consumers report searching exclusively online for financial services...


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Mobile Banking: Trends in Technology, Innovation, and Equity

A one-day colloquium at Stanford University CLICK HERE to download the colloquium packet with the AGENDA and important PARKING information Mobile banking is fast becoming the main linkage connecting financial services clients and providers. Throughout the financial services industry, commercial banks, credit unions, credit card and payments services, wealth managers...